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"It’s deadly, all right. Deadly awesome. Red On Yellow might Kill A Fellow, but this is the stuff that works a number on your earholes. Turn it up."  - Laurie Gallardo - KUTX 98.9 fm

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"I'm trigger happy, baby.



I'm a loaded gun."

Red On Yellow

Red On Yellow

Short Bio:

Red On Yellow is a Rock-n-Roll band out of Austin, Texas combining the rhythmic delta grooves of the American south with high-gain, gritty rock. The group is equal parts Blues, Rock, and Soul with Country, Gospel, and Funk influences.

Formed by Singer/Lyricist, Bear Ryan, in 2017 the group includes Emanuele Pistucchia and Nathan Rowe on guitar(s), Chel Rich on drums, and Patric Tester on bass. Ryan sought to combine the eclectic influences of musicians from differing backgrounds for a more original sound.

Ryan’s booming vocals and unapologetic lyrics resonate with crowds, both male and female. Pistucchia’s mean tone and original riffs formed the foundation for the group’s feel while the addition of Rowe fattened the sound and brought the rock-n-roll weight the group was looking for with his tastefully grimy solos.

Tester was cherry-picked for the group for his sensibilities in composition and stage presence. Ryan and Tester began collaborating by exposing one another to their different musical tastes, which permeated the group’s sound. Where one blues band might make a traditional decision at the crossroads of song writing, Red On Yellow often makes a very different one.

From day one, Pistucchia and Ryan agreed that drums were critical to the band’s sound. It’s all about the groove and they wanted someone who understood that. The drummer they sought needed to know blues in their heart but play rock-n-roll with their hands. They found that in Chel Rich. The addition of Rich on drums solidified the group’s sound and the result was Red On Yellow.

Red On Yellow’s debut EP “Kill a Fellow” will be released in March/April 2018; Engineered by Adrian Quesada at Electric Deluxe Recorders, Mastered by Rob Murray of Poolside Sound, with artwork by Austin’s Rob Story, their freshman release has a powerhouse of collaborative talent.

The group continues to perform in Austin with national tours on the horizon. If there is a dance floor and a person with a pulse nearby, there will be some shakin’ goin’ on at a Red On Yellow show. If you ain’t shakin’, your shaker done broke.

Design by Rob Story / Illustration by Eric Bowman

Design by Rob Story / Illustration by Eric Bowman

Red On Yellow's debut EP, "Kill A Fellow", features 5 tracks of groove-heavy Delta Blues // Rock N Roll

Long Bio.

Red On Yellow is a rock-n-roll band hailing from Austin, Tx combining deep Delta grooves with high-gain grimy blues and fat tone.

Lyricist and singer, Bear Ryan, formed the band in the summer of 2017 with the desire to make rock-n-roll and soul music with some likeminded musicians. That sounds like an easy task in a town like Austin, Texas… but it requires a bit of magic and perseverance in order to muster a collaboration of individuals who are dedicated to a sound for which they are all passionate. No hired guns allowed. Bear sought to collaborate creatively. She made intentional decisions to bring together musicians from differing backgrounds in order to avoid the pitfalls of predictability and create a more original sound.

A native of Texas, Bear grew up in a large Irish family in which singing and dancing were the menu at regular weekend gatherings. Her early influences came from mama’s record collection of Elvis, The Beach Boys, and Aretha Franklin and dad’s Sinatra and Johnny Cash tapes. Elder siblings introduced her to Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Grateful Dead. It was on her own, however, one fateful night while listening to classic rock radio and recording “mix tapes” that she heard the life-changing vocals of Chester Burnett, a.k.a. Howlin’ Wolf. KZPS FM of Dallas/Ft. Worth was featuring an hour-long vignette on the life and music of “The Wolf.” Bear was glued to the radio. She never looked back. It was blues from then on.

While people often compare Bear to Janice, it was Gillian Welch who taught her to sing and Brittany Howard who taught her how to belt.

Small but mighty. Bear brings booming, unapologetic vocals that are both warm and gritty. Her lyrics resonate with crowds, both male and female, who are drawn to their sincerity, weight, and power. You’d never call her a singer-song writer. Bear makes rock-n-roll, dammit.

She needed guitar and Emanuele Pistucchia fit the bill in spades. One day, while haphazardly perusing the Instagram hashtag #austinguitarist Bear stumbled upon short videos of this cat, Pistucchia, laying down thick, thick delta blues riffs (See reference to “magic” above). Bear was looking for someone who liked the same sounds she liked. That was found instantly with Pistucchia. A few exchanged messages later, the two were collaborating on songs and forming the foundation of the sound that would become Red On Yellow.

Emanuele, a native of Italy, provides a unique melodic sensibility to the band’s style by bringing an original perspective to traditional Delta blues. His ear for fat riffs and groove-heavy melodies established the groups overall driving, danceable sound. A founding member of Italy’s The Bus Driver is Drunk, Pistucchia hit American soil, specifically Austin, Texas soil, to pursue a life of music in America. A sought-after guitarist he records regularly in Nashville, tours with large country acts, and teaches guitar while back in Austin. His heart is in blues/rock-n-roll though and Red On Yellow is his project in which he can play, creatively. Distortion. Distortion. Distortion!

And the magic continued. Chel Rich was introduced to the fledgling group by mutual friend and bluesman, Todd Roth of Comin’ Up Muddy. Ryan and Pistucchia were purposefully seeking a rock-n-roll drummer. They understood that the right drum-sound was critical to the grooves they wanted to be making.

Rich brought the perfect combination of blues expertise with heavy rock-n-roll drumming. The Red On Yellow sound was starting to round-out.

At the same time, Bear recruited Patric Tester on bass. The two had recently survived a grueling adventure on tour  with Bear’s previous band, which required many hours in the car discussing and listening to music as they traversed the American Midwest landscape. They dug a lot of the same stuff, and they listened to very different stuff. It was 25 days straight of showing one another music. Tester had his acoustic guitar handy and would play some of his originals during down-times on tour. Bear could see his musical and vocal talent and wanted to work with him in some capacity.

Well, she already had a guitar player for Red On Yellow. But, she knew that Patric could play bass. Her previous band had played with Mon Freres Amigos, with whom Patric played bass. That project having ended, Bear asked him if he’d join her new band, Red On Yellow, and he accepted.

Once again, Patric’s eclectic musical background contributed to the group’s original sound. He’d been in marching band. He had an audio engineering degree. He had been the leader of a metal band. He was currently exploring the prettier side of things with an acoustic guitar and amazing lyrics. He could compose music. In writing sessions, Tester’s dynamic suggestions lent themselves to musical decisions from another perspective and the overall Red On Yellow sounds was complete.

Or, so they thought.

The sound had been established, but it needed something more. It needed to be fatter.

In comes Nate Rowe.

A long-time friend of Bear’s, Nate is one of Austin’s top-shelf bassist’s. Holding down a residency with Red Volkhert at The Continental Club in Austin, Nate has also played with the likes of Warren Hood, Seth Walker, Matt Powell, Geoff Queen, and many more.

Rowe is not only a bassist though. He had originally come to Austin to be a guitar player. When he saw the sheer number of guitar slingers in the city, he found steady work as a bass player around town. But, he never put the guitar down. In recent years he had begun venturing out to local blues jams…. guitar in hand.

Now, let’s just say, you don’t play with Red Volkhert for 12 years and not pick up a thing… or a thousand.

One night Rowe came out to a Red On Yellow show. He and Bear were catching up after the set and Nate asked if they had ever considered a second guitar player.

They had! But time had not been on their side. They had been hunkered down writing and recording and barely had a spare moment to search for their second guitar player. He was standing right in front of Bear that night.

They decided it might be fun to jam together and play around a bit. Bear invited Rowe to some rehearsals and the rest was history. Pistucchia and Rowes’ guitars were dancing like old lovers; old biker lovers fresh out of prison.

The five became Red On Yellow.



In October 2017, Red On Yellow entered the Electric Deluxe Recorders studio of Adrian Quesada. In one day, they recorded live-to-tape the 5 songs that would become their first EP, "Kill A Fellow". Quesada engineered and mixed the project. It was mastered by Rob Murray in Austin, Texas. The icing on the cake was artwork by famed austin-music artist Rob Story. 

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