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"It’s deadly, all right. Deadly awesome. Red On Yellow might Kill A Fellow, but this is the stuff that works a number on your earholes. Turn it up."  - Laurie Gallardo - KUTX 98.9 fm

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"I'm trigger happy, baby.

I'm a loaded gun."

Red On Yellow performs at Antone’s Nightclub to a standing-room-only crowd. January 2019

Red On Yellow performs at Antone’s Nightclub to a standing-room-only crowd. January 2019


Red On Yellow is a Rock-n-Roll band out of Austin, Texas combining the rhythmic delta grooves of the American south with high-gain, gritty rock. The group is equal parts Blues, Rock, and Soul with Country, Gospel, and Funk influences.

Formed by Singer/Lyricist, Bear Ryan, in 2017 the group includes Emanuele Pistucchia and Nathan Rowe on guitar(s), Lindsay Greene on bass, and Matt Whilden on drums.

Ryan’s booming vocals and unapologetic lyrics resonate with crowds, both male and female. Pistucchia’s mean tone and original riffs formed the foundation for the group’s feel while the addition of Rowe fattened the sound and brought the rock-n-roll weight the group was looking for with his tastefully grimy solos. The additions of Greene and Whilden in 2018 formed one of Austin’s hardest hitting/heaviest grooving rhythm sections in the city.

Red On Yellow’s debut EP “Kill a Fellow” was released in March 2018; Engineered by Adrian Quesada at Electric Deluxe Recorders, Mastered by Rob Murray of Poolside Sound, with design by Austin’s Rob Story and illustration by renowned artist, Eric Bowman, their freshman release has a powerhouse of collaborative talent.

The group continues to perform in Austin as well as regionally and nationally. In 2019, look for Red On Yellow at all of your favorite Austin clubs as well as Goat Fest and Deep Blues Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

If there is a dance floor and a person with a pulse nearby, there will be some shakin’ goin’ on at a Red On Yellow show. If you ain’t shakin’, your shaker done broke.

Design by Rob Story / Illustration by Eric Bowman

Design by Rob Story / Illustration by Eric Bowman

Red On Yellow's debut EP, "Kill A Fellow", features 5 tracks of groove-heavy Delta Blues // Rock N Roll


In October 2017, Red On Yellow entered the Electric Deluxe Recorders studio of Adrian Quesada. In one day, they recorded live-to-tape the 5 songs that would become their first EP, "Kill A Fellow". Quesada engineered and mixed the project. 

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